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  • íNTIMO

    learn more about our project space

    30 JUN, 2023 - 30 JUN, 2024

    What is ÍNTIMO?

    ÍNTIMO is La Nueva Fábrica’s project space that provides a platform for artists to express and explore their most pressing concerns, curiosities, and sensations of the moment. Derived from the Latin word “Intimus,” it refers to the abstract area reserved for closeness. Although intimacy has no precise limits, it is where the rawest and most vulnerable feelings and actions are nurtured.

    The Objective of ÍNTIMO

    Our goal is to provide a more personal gallery for the uncensored expression of topics that motivate, move, and infect our consciousness and daily lives at this moment. As a complement to our larger galleries with exhibitions that rotate 1-2 times a year, ÍNTIMO is a smaller and more flexible space that can change overnight to meet the needs of the moment.

    How does ÍNTIMO work?

    ● ÍNTIMO is a project space, not an artist residency.

    ● We offer stipends for materials and production, which we will detail if your proposal is selected.

    ● La Nueva Fábrica is a nonprofit cultural organization. It is not a commercial gallery, and therefore, we do not sell artworks.

    ● We also accept proposals for artistic interventions in the lobby and garden of La Nueva Fábrica.

    If your application is selected:

    ● You will be responsible for the installation and deinstallation of your artwork and must take care of it during the exhibition. We suggest regular visits to the space, particularly if the artwork requires maintenance.

    ● You will bring all the necessary supplementary equipment for your exhibition, including screens, projectors, pedestals, etc. If you don’t have the necessary equipment, we will do our best to help you source it, or provide the equipment if we have it in our inventory.

    ● You will commit to returning the gallery in the same condition in which you found it. If you damage the space, you will be responsible for repairing the walls or any damage.

    ● To make the most of your project, we suggest organizing at least one activity during your exhibition, such as a talk (virtual or in-person), panel discussion, guided tour, etc.

    ● While we offer assistance with promoting the exhibition on social media, we encourage you to actively participate in promoting your project.

    How do you know if you qualify for ÍNTIMO?

    ● You are 18 years or older and are capable of coordinating and setting up your artwork without the resources or support of LNF staff.

    ● You are an individual artist or part of an artistic duo or collective. We accept applications in all mediums.

    ● You are located in Guatemala, regardless of nationality.

    ● We do not discriminate based on age, gender, religion, nationality, marital status, ancestry, color, race, disability, or sexual orientation. Everyone is welcome to apply.

    Application Process

    To apply for ÍNTIMO, you must fill out this form.

    The application will be evaluated by the La Nueva Fábrica team. You will receive a response within one month if your proposal is accepted.

    We select artists based on the quality of the proposal, not the CV or previous experience as an artist.

    We encourage emerging artists to apply.

    Gallery Details:

    ● The gallery is located in the lobby of La Nueva Fábrica.

    ● The gallery measures 6.30 x 4.10 meters, with a height of 2.95 meters.

    ● It has adjustable lights on rails hanging from the ceiling.

    ● There are 2 power outlets of 110v.

    ● The walls are made of drywall.

    ● The ceiling is made of plywood and cannot support the weight of suspended artworks unless they are made of lightweight materials such as paper or thread.

    ● We do not accept proposals that cause permanent damage to the physical space or are too heavy for the walls or ceiling.

    ● We do not accept proposals that include hazardous materials (chemicals, weapons, etc.) or live animals.

    What will happen if your proposal is accepted?

    ● We will contact you to discuss your stipend, installation, opening and closing dates, and any other logistics specific to your project. Exhibitions in ÍNTIMO usually last 4-8 weeks.

    ● We will ask you to sign a contract with LNF that stipulates the conditions of gallery use.

    ● You will visit LNF at least once before the installation date to meet the team and see the exhibition space. If you are already familiar with the gallery or unable to travel to LNF before the installation date, we will arrange a virtual meeting prior to the date.

    ● You will email an image and the name of your exhibition no later than 14 business days before the opening, so the LNF team can create invitations and promotional materials.

    ● You will email your finalized museography no later than 10 business days before the opening. The La Nueva Fábrica team will assist with editing the text, which will be printed on a4 sheets and placed in the gallery.

    ● If LNF requests changes to the exhibition setup, it is to protect the structure of the space and ensure its use for future artists.

    ● We will work together to promote the opening event and activities during the course of your exhibition on our social media.


    If you have any questions, you can write to us at

    To apply, please fill out THIS FORM. Please note that we are accepting applications for 2024.

    Image and art by Alejandro Medina.