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  • Art & photo by Lake Verea

    La Nueva Fábrica is dedicated to empowering communities through art.

    We are a non-profit contemporary art space committed to:

    Provide a multidisciplinary platform for the advancement of the arts in Guatemala 

    Advance artistic and creative experimentation, critical thinking, and social justice 

    Respect Guatemala’s linguistic, cultural, and sapiritual diversity by upholding multiple systems of knowledge

    Catalyze exchanges between local and international art communities

    Create new experimental learning practices through art and culture

    Generate access to the arts for diverse communities

    Cultivate a communal space of encounter, empathy, and respect for all

    We do so through exhibitions, public programs, educational projects, residencies, and multidisciplinary activities in our space in Antigua, Guatemala, and through partnerships internationally.

    La Nueva Fábrica holds a permanent collection of historic photography as well as the artworks of its founder, the late Guatemalan artist Lissie Habie. 


    Artist Lissie Habie and photographer Mitchell Denburg created New Roots Foundation in Antigua, Guatemala in 1998 with the aim of fostering education, environmental conservation, and community-led sustainability initiatives.

    After battling brain cancer for several years, Lissie Habie passed away in 2008. To honor Lissie’s life and philanthropic vision, New Roots Foundation initiated a program of artistic residencies in 2013, which evolved into La Nueva Fábrica, the official home of the residency program and a contemporary art space providing artists, curators, educators, students, and communities with opportunities for artistic and cultural engagement. 

    Bienal de Arte Paiz 22, photo by Byron Mármol


    Sophia Arrazola

    Impact Coordinator


    Jamie Denburg Habie

    Co-founder & Executive Director


    Jaime Galindo

    Maintenance Assistant

    Marilú Herndandez 

    Maintenance Coordinator


    Christa Krings



    Ana Lucía Montufar 



    Carlos Pol

    Archive Assistant


    Lilian Porras

    Archive Director


    For general inquiries, please contact


    New Roots Foundation is a non-profit organization established in 1998. Its core activities focus on Environment and Education and are implemented across two forested regions of Guatemala: the Northwest region around Laguna Brava and the Pacific South Coast. 

    The core concern at the center of the foundation’s activities is deforestation, one of the greatest threats to life on our planet that is disproportionately affecting rural and Indigenous communities. In Guatemala, forests are the homes of millions of peoples, majoritarily Maya. New Roots Foundation works to provide communities with educational and agricultural resources to create sustainable practices that lift local actors while safeguarding the environment. The foundation seeks to achieve this through sustainable agroforestry, ecotourism, forest conservation, and youth leadership training. 

    To learn more, please visit the New Roots Foundation website.