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    Cristina Flores Pescoran

    26 FEB - 3 APR, 2022

    “Through the use of medicinal dyeing from the territory where I find myself and the rebellious employment of ancient weaving techniques, I share my healing practices to confront the androcentric, patriarchal, and violent medical science that has examined me for years. Your energy was always there,” is a gathering of growing bodies with whom I have been able to self-explore, accompany myself, and engage in dialogue with my ancestors.”

    Cristina Flores Pescorán

    Skin: our territory that protects us, envelops us, defines us, and exposes us; the realm of intimate touch with the world.

    The life force of her Moche ancestors runs through Cristina Flores Pescorán’s veins, guiding her steps towards Mesoamerican land. The act of weaving becomes in her hands a feminist, intimate, and political act. The weavings can be cellular, made of ixcaco, nervous, or raffia. As part of a carnal process of healing and exploration through plants and textiles, the residency at LNF leaves fluid and light testimonies: raffia sculptures that dance with their surroundings. Within their fibers, they integrate the sun’s rays, play with the air, reverberate with sounds – bird songs, whistling wind, whispers, shouts – and even earthquakes – pass through their threads and nourish them. Cristina’s hands weave, knot, untie, cover, and uncover; and when giving birth to them, these woven beings seem like continuations of her own skin, excrescences, wrinkles, warts, and moles. Tender geographies of her dermal territory.

    Your energy was always there.

    That is the revelation.

    And it will always be.

    Christina Chirouze Montenegro