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    Mi Calle, Nuestra Calle

    6 MAR - 6 MAR, 2024

    We invite you to the garden of La Nueva Fábrica on Wednesday, March 6th, 2024 from 2-5pm to participate in Tejido Común taught by Mi Calle Nuestra Calle.

    Tejido Común is a meeting point for diverse LNF communities designed by Mi Calle Nuestra Calle. Through workshops given by invited artists, creative knowledge is shared to encourage dialogue and critical reflection around the theme of choice.

    On this occasion we will produce an “artist’s book” using collage as a technique, inspired by the books Margarita Azurdia made throughout her life about her memories, poetry, nature, her pets.

    On a cardboard base, we will paint, draw, embroider, glue images, notes, fabrics, etc, that tell our story in the form of a collage.

    Admission is free. Open to all ages.

    Materials: drawings, writings, photographs or small images (of your pets, favorite place, family, friends, food, hobbies, etc…) that evoke a memory, colors or crayons, and scissors.