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    Lake Verea

    9 FEB, 2018 - 14 JUN, 2019

    “Memoria en Línea” (Memory Online) originates from a photograph taken by the artist Lake Verea during a journey through parts of Mexico in the year 2007, with the dream of reaching the Caribbean Sea.

    This photograph is one of hundreds captured during the kilometers traveled in Mexico, where the deepest memory that lingers is the sensation of longing to reach the sea. The recollection of the journey, a digital glitch, and the impossibility of determining the exact location of the shot serve as the starting point for this reflection.

    In this installation, the image transcends the confines of the textile space; it expands, emerges, disintegrates, and scatters. Conversely, we can also perceive it as the result of the convergence of colorful lines that have different starting points and journeys, weaving together to form the image of the tree and the tower.

    The lines of color running to and from the textile become potential forces to create a language of new memories, as well as a metaphor for lines of thought: Free, Unique, Audacious, Tense, Distant, Extensive, Unpredictable, Intertwined, Multicolored.

    Lake Verea is represented by: Galería La Caja Negra, Madrid, Spain, and Galería Proyecto Paralelo, Mexico City.

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