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    Museo de Bécal

    6 APR - 17 APR, 2022

    “I am not alone, when the song of the quetzal is in the sky, I won’t be far, my land will be under my feet as I walk, if I see a Jaguar, it will be the Balam.”

    Jhonatan Antonio Uc Chi

    This exhibition is based on the social, environmental, and historical study of our surroundings. Mayan culture provides interesting perspectives, wisdom in plant management, and living in harmony with the environment. This exhibition explores different concepts based on symbolism, language, culture, and history of this Earth that unites us.

    “The roar of the jaguar will transcend borders, the quetzal will fly above us, geopolitics will not determine the steps of culture, on the contrary, our culture will connect us.”

    The following production is created under individual concepts that the artists connect to form this collective exhibition. Various mediums are used in this production, such as oil on canvas, traditional clay sculpture extracted from caves, pieces made from Jipi and Japa fibers, video art, photographs, and installation. The chosen mediums are part of the traditional art produced in our culture with a contemporary perspective on the situations and reflections involved in producing art in the southern region of the country.

    Bécal Museum, Campeche, Mexico