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    4 FEB - 7 MAY, 2023

    In the Threads I Found
    is a pedagogical resource for teachers, mothers, daughters and sisters, centered on the embedded knowledge of the back-strap loom. The investigation for this book, which started off intuitively and was then reaffirmed with a community of weavers, is formalized into five chapters that overlooks themes ranging from the sensorial, needs and stimuli, environment and materiality and techniques and innovation, with theoretical and practical references. Each activity is written to envelop us in the world of weaving. 

    For us, the authors, Hellen Ascoli and Negma Coy, it is important to have this book reach different learning spaces once it is printed, so that it may serve as a support to all those who guide us in this woven world. 

    Editing: Luisa González Reiche

    Illustration: Debbie Medina

    Illustration: Noé Roquel

    Noé Roquel is a Kaqchikel artist, who originates from Chi Xot – Comalapa, Chimaltenango in Iximulew. He is a self-taught painter, theater actor, and writer in Maya Kaqchikel and Spanish. He paints and illustrates with acrylic on paper, canvas and wood. He has been a part of many theater collectives. His poetry is featured in anthologies that have been published in Guatemala and abroad. He has  participated in art and poetry festivals  locally and internationally. He currently teaches art.