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    Katheryn Patá

    8 JUL - 25 JUL, 2021

    We wake up, slowly navigate through the space we inhabit, our gaze wandering between what we see on the outside and the memories we see within. We don’t know how many more days will continue like this, between encounters and disconnections, between routines and minutes. We already know our next steps because they are the same ones that repeat day after day. Our lost gazes wander between a past and a paused present.

    The feeling of seeing our reflection but not recognizing ourselves, attempting to rescue what we perhaps once imagined we could be. We know every corner of the space we inhabit, but in none of them do we manage to recognize ourselves. Will these uncertainties be the new way of self-construction, of knowing ourselves, of materializing? Is silence a type of sound? Or is it our mind that creates those noises to fill that complex void?

    In the installation “Implicit Memory” by artist Katheryn Patá, we can perceive a sense of wandering, those moments of reflection on situations that we question. In the tranquility of our intimacy, we have internal wars that absorb us, tire us, and make us desperate, returning to the repetitive rhythm of those episodes of wakefulness. Each scene documented by the artist represents actions that identify us in this past year, that sensation of light and shadow portrayed in the 100 designs made with acrylic ink on raw fabric. The work is complemented by a sound composition that provides us with a complete experience of what the artist brings in her line of research, sound as an aesthetic immersion within the artistic experience.

    Sound installation | 100 paintings with acrylic ink on raw fabric held by fishing threads | sound composition 12:55 | 2.30 m x 1 m | 2021

    Curator: Francela Carrera