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    Joaquin Orellana

    3 AUG - 10 NOV, 2019

    Retrospective of Joaquín Orellana

    Orellana’s “sound utensils” depart from the familiar landscape of Guatemalan daily life. Using traditional materials such as marimba keys, sugar cane, shells, and pearl necklaces, Orellana experiments with various deconstructions and reconstructions of the marimba. However, each unique sound serves to fill acoustic voids within his disquieting compositions.

    By combining classical symphonic elements, sound utensils, and sometimes electronic recordings, Orellana’s compositions invoke the fragility of life in Guatemala, touching on themes such as hunger, the forces of nature, urban chaos and civil war. Though his compo- sitions are truly innovative, his music can be unnerving when invoking these all-too-familiar motifs.

    While Orellana’s music is deeply rooted in the Guatemalan experience, his sound has resonated internationally for years. His most recent international recognition was at the Documenta 14 contemporary art exhibition, where his masterpiece “Symphony from the Third World” was performed in Athens.

    Curated by: Sarah Mann