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    Alejandro Medina

    17 FEB - 17 APR, 2021


    In his sculptural installation “Atmospheres” (2020), Medina utilizes teak wood, which has contributed to the decline of biodiversity in tropical forests since the 20th century. The artwork consists of pedestals that contain a small biotope growing inside, with six towers constructed side by side representing each native tree species of Guatemala. The piece symbolizes the economic power of wood, alludes to the presence of trees, and confronts us with the beauty and fragility of nature in a globalized world.


    In this artwork, Medina once again unfolds a carpet on the gallery floor. Delicate branches sway gently on metal columns and are mounted without any adhesive. The slightest movement can destroy the fragile structure. Through this deliberate instability, the artist emphasizes the deficient relationship between humans and nature in a truly meditative manner. As part of the artistic process, the artist takes care of the installation and takes the time to reconstruct it after each fall.


    In this artwork, Medina creates a communal seed bank that invites visitors to connect with nature by collecting seeds, exchanging them, planting them, and caring for them as they grow. The initial collection of seeds comes from the artist himself and donations from the seed bank of the National Institute of Forests (INAB). The goal of the artwork is to raise awareness about nature. “Every small step contributes to a larger effort.”