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    Agencia Ocote

    1 SEP - 29 SEP, 2022

    In 2017, 56 girls were burned alive during Jimmy Morales’ presidency at the Hogar Seguro Virgen de la Asunción in Guatemala. 41 of those girls burned to death and 15 were left with sequelae.

    The exhibition brings together a series of investigations that Ocote produced to make this story a passable place, whose tour allows us to understand a court case that says a lot about the justice system in Guatemala.

    Women artists worked to enrich the narrative of the investigations using art as a trench, denunciation or vindication, but as López Liñan tells us: “Vindicative art is more than a purpose in itself or a means to disseminate information, it is a tool that seeks to contribute to create social awareness, encourage reflection – positioning and values, such as mutual support for belonging, this being an element that binds”.

    The exhibition provides information that continues to tell the story, in order to find justice and vindicate memory so that events like these do not happen again.

    Fire was not the cause of death of the Hogar Seguro girls, it was not fire. These girls were killed by the corruption that continues to govern us.

    Maya Juracán.