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    4 MAY - 4 MAY, 2024

    On Saturday May 4th, during Tuti Fruti Festival, the main gallery of La Nueva Fábrica will become a collective gallery for all those who want to exhibit their artwork. Your work will be exhibited during the Tuti Fruti Festival, and will be published in a digital fanzine after the event.

    Read the following information and if you have any questions, please contact us by DM on Instagram @tutifruti.festival, or by email at


    La Nueva Fábrica will become a collective gallery during Tuti Fruti Festival.


    Bring your artwork to participate in a space of collective creativity by complying with the following points.


    *wall art: be able to be hung with tape to plasterboard walls, or with hooks to a clothesline

    *weigh less than one pound if wall-mounted, or in the case of sculptures, be easy to move and install without damaging the floor

    *respect the space for diversity and physical safety (use of hazardous materials or processes is prohibited)

    *if you don’t have an artwork, there will be art materials to create it in Tuti Fruti

    *do you want to make a performance? write us at @tutifruti.festival on Insta or by mail to before april 20th to coordinate

    *do you have video art? write us @tutifruti.festival on Insta or email before April 20 to coordinate


    The main gallery of La Nueva Fábrica


    Installation: Saturday, May 4 from 9-11am (works made in gallery can be hung during the whole event)

    Deinstallation: Sunday May 5th from 10am-4pm

    How much does it cost to participate?

    The cost to participate is the entrance fee to the festival:

    Q60 presale

    Q85 day of the event

    What else?

    All works will be documented in a fanzine post festival!


    Contact us via DM on Instagram @tutifruti.festival, or by email at