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    Mi Calle Nuestra Calle

    25 APR - 5 MAY, 2023

    An exhibition of collective embroidery art created by women.

    This embroidery exhibition was carried out over 3 months, in collaboration with a group of diverse women, some of them migrants from different countries in southern Latin America. The curatorship emerges as a result of a sustained dialogue that starts from the daily realities of each one, in a staging that recognizes that systemic inequalities are configured from the overlapping of different social factors such as gender, ethnicity and social class.

    In a common fabric, the women of the Mi Calle, Nuestra Calle embroidery workshop unravel threads of different colors, thicknesses and lengths. The intersection emerges, in distance and proximity, as a result of an active, conscious and intentional process of recognizing each other in a meeting point that unites and separates them.

    From an absolute tenderness, they reflected, recognized and spun realities of their present contexts with the genesis in related roots, which had remained silenced and invisible. They braided the experience of moving to be and to be free in the world and with the voice of an autonomous will, they chose a common territory as a time-space to revisit the women they were, honor the presence they are today and visualize those they long to be together.

    “They were a knotweed of a thousand colors, and in the process of unraveling the threads and turning them into a skein, they “intertwined” from acceptance, sustaining bonds that feel like home. Legitimate home. Free home. Home yours.”

    Sophia Arrazola

    Director Mi Calle Nuestra Calle